**Announcement from BRHF President Leslie Prillaman

Dear BRHF member: Our wonderful Webmaster, Chris Lee, is stepping down from his position this year. He has given this organization 10 years of his time-which we all so appreciate!

But, it is time for a change. We are looking for someone that is in the horse community and that has the skills to run our website. Chris is willing to work with the new person in the transition-but, as of December 31, he will not be doing the points, membership and managing the website.

Chris will work with his replacement(s) to train them on the processes that are in place. It is critical that the board get new people in place by October or November at the LATEST so there is time for training for next show season.

Chris will provide all code and hosting information needed for the website, but it will take a html-web savvy professional to keep the site running and updated. It is written in the language .asp which was cutting edge in 2006, but is archaic now; you will have to look to find someone who can handle the code.

When we have a web professional in place, we could then have a volunteer actually entering memberships and points, that is all through a web interface that does not provide programming.

Chris also feels that the entire system is ready for a rebuild/overhaul. But, again, if he will provide ample information for whoever is going to take over the web site management.

Please think about who you know, that would be willing to take this job. There is a small compensation for the person’s time. We need to act quickly, as it is June…and we need this transition to go smoothly, in order for our organization to continue as it has for the last 10 years!

Thank you, Leslie Prillaman

Miniature Horse Division - Trial Year

For 2015, several BRHF shows will be offering a Miniature Horse Division. This year will be a trial year for the Mini Division. A volunteer, Jodi Toms, will be keeping track of the points for the Mini division. It will up to the competitor to make sure their points are correct. The points will not be on the website, since we are seeing if there is enough interest this year to add this division to the website for 2016. However, there will be year-end awards given out to participants in this division for 2015!

Our Mission:

The mission of the Blue Ridge Horse Force is to promote grassroots showmanship and sportsmanship by uniting local open horse shows.

Show Sanctioning:

To increase opportunities for those in Southwest Virginia to show their horses in the sport they love, our organization sanctions approximately 25 shows per year. Members work toward year end awards using a point system.

Who Benefits:

BRHF shows are held by organizations ranging from 4-H groups to civic leagues to training stables to charitable organizations. All are able to raise more funds for their group through increased BRHF member participation. Exhibitors can compete at any of these shows knowing that there will be uniformity in class descriptions and offerings.

Point System:

Points are awarded according to placings at sanctioned shows as follows:

1st ~ 6 points

2nd ~ 5 points

3rd ~ 4 points

4th ~ 3 points

5th ~ 2 points

6th~1 point

Year-End Awards are given in 42 different divisions!