Member Requirements

  • A lot of work goes into putting on a horse show. As shows have grown larger over the last few years, organizations have had their members stretched further and further.
  • In keeping with the mission of the Blue Ridge Horse Force, it is required that a BRHF member wishing to be eligible for year end awards must complete at least three hours of work at a sanctioned show. It is important that exhibitors give back to the sport and help ensure that events continue to be held!
  • To be credited, volunteer hours must be reported through this web page within 30 days of the event at which the volunteer work was done.
  • To volunteer at a show, it is strongly recommended that you contact the show manager in advance, this ensures there will be a task for you to help with when you arrive. Without contact in advance, show managers are not under any responsibility to find work for volunteers.
  • Family members may work hours for others (example: a parent can put in volunteer hours for which a child exhibitor will get credit).
  • In calculation of final year end placings members who have not completed this requirement are removed from the listing in each division, possibly resulting in those below being moved up.