Sprouses Corner Ranch Series, 4/29/2017

Only BRHF sanctioned classes and members shown

Class Number Class Name Place BackNumber Rider Horse
7Beginner Hunter Horse/Pony W/T12590Emma Ann RansonForever Handsome
10Youth Hunter Pleasure WT22512Libby WhiteA Splash of Tuscany
42609Abigail ChildsDudes A Hot Pine
11Youth Hunter Pleasure WTC22609Abigail ChildsDudes A Hot Pine
32512Libby WhiteA Splash of Tuscany
42616Kiley MullinsLM Flashy Star
20Youth Hunter Equitation WTC32609Abigail ChildsDudes A Hot Pine
42511Anna LucyChampers
52616Kiley MullinsLM Flashy Star
62593Kathryn DavisGeronimo
26Schooling Hunter O/F Course C22512Libby WhiteA Splash of Tuscany
28Schooling Hunter U/S12512Libby WhiteA Splash of Tuscany
29In Hand Trail12553Tricia MozingoWhinny For Me Firefly
32318Kaitlyn BarberZippos Unique Chip
52511Anna LucyChampers
30Coached Trail12625Haiven WoodyChampers
32595Jake JacobsonDonnie Darko
62010Sophie BrooksWayward Eagle
32Open Trail Obstacle22616Kiley MullinsLM Flashy Star
34Pleasure Driving12553Tricia MozingoWhinny For Me Firefly
38Coached Go As You Please Equitation22595Jake JacobsonDonnie Darko
32010Sophie BrooksWayward Eagle
42625Haiven WoodyChampers
41English Pleasure WT12614Emma WallaceSandman
22610Lauren StoneJellicos Colors and Honors
42English Pleasure WTC12614Emma WallaceSandman
43English Pleasure GAYP12614Emma WallaceSandman
22610Lauren StoneJellicos Colors and Honors
44English Equitation WT12614Emma WallaceSandman
45English Equitation WTC12614Emma WallaceSandman
46English Pleasure GAYP Jackpot12610Lauren StoneJellicos Colors and Honors
47Youth Western Pleasure WJ12318Kaitlyn BarberZippos Unique Chip
49Youth Western Pleasure GAYP12318Kaitlyn BarberZippos Unique Chip
51Youth Western Pleasure WJL12318Kaitlyn BarberZippos Unique Chip
53Open Western Pleasure WJL Jackpot12318Kaitlyn BarberZippos Unique Chip
54Stock Seat Equitation WJ12318Kaitlyn BarberZippos Unique Chip
55Stock Seat Equitation WJL12318Kaitlyn BarberZippos Unique Chip
57Ranch Riding WJ32611Rebecca GreyBlazing Hot Invitation
59Ranch Riding WJL32611Rebecca GreyBlazing Hot Invitation
61Ranch Riding Pattern12611Rebecca GreyBlazing Hot Invitation
62Open Ranch Horse Riding WJL Jackpot12611Rebecca GreyBlazing Hot Invitation
361Model Hunter32508Andrew FinanThe Doctor
42616Kiley MullinsLM Flashy Star
52568Addison BondWayward Eagle
362Model English12610Lauren StoneJellicos Colors and Honors
22614Emma WallaceSandman
32593Kathryn DavisGeronimo
363Model Western22780Rachel CookIts All Bout Tonite
42318Kaitlyn BarberZippos Unique Chip
52611Rebecca GreyBlazing Hot Invitation
371Coached Showmanship12625Haiven WoodyChampers
32010Sophie BrooksWayward Eagle
52595Jake JacobsonDonnie Darko
62588Lily HuntMighty Mouse
372Youth Showmanship12318Kaitlyn BarberZippos Unique Chip
52616Kiley MullinsLM Flashy Star
62593Kathryn DavisGeronimo
373Adult Showmanship12780Rachel CookIts All Bout Tonite
22553Tricia MozingoWhinny For Me Firefly
32611Rebecca GreyBlazing Hot Invitation