Pine Spur Hunter Show, 8/5/2017

Only BRHF sanctioned classes and members shown

Class Number Class Name Place BackNumber Rider Horse
15Hunt Seat Equitation on the flat12593Kathryn DavisGeronimo
20Hunter Showmanship22508Andrew FinanThe Doctor
32593Kathryn DavisGeronimo
21Model Hunter52508Andrew FinanThe Doctor
62593Kathryn DavisGeronimo
22Beginner Hunter Rider walk/trot12508Andrew FinanThe Doctor
23Beginner Hunter Rider walk/trot/canter12508Andrew FinanThe Doctor
24Beginner Hunter Rider crossrails12508Andrew FinanThe Doctor
26Beginner Hunter Horse Pony W/T12436Lina PrillamanGreta
27Beginner Hunter Horse Pony W/T/C12436Lina PrillamanGreta
28Beginner Hunter Horse/Pony - Crossrails12436Lina PrillamanGreta
30Intermediate Hunter Rider O/F Course A12593Kathryn DavisGeronimo
31Intermediate Hunter Rider O/F Course B12593Kathryn DavisGeronimo
32Intermediate Hunter Rider flat12593Kathryn DavisGeronimo
33Youth Hunter Pleasure W/T12593Kathryn DavisGeronimo
22508Andrew FinanThe Doctor
34Youth Hunter Pleasure W/T/C12593Kathryn DavisGeronimo
22508Andrew FinanThe Doctor
35Youth Hunter Pleasure fences12593Kathryn DavisGeronimo
22508Andrew FinanThe Doctor
37Adult Hunter Pleasure W/T12027Dedi SpradlinFayreweather
38Adult Hunter Pleasure W/T/C12027Dedi SpradlinFayreweather
39Adult Hunter Pleasure fences12027Dedi SpradlinFayreweather