Sprouses Corner Ranch Open Show Series #2 (4-H Qualifying Show), 6/22/2019

Only BRHF sanctioned classes and members shown

Class Number Class Name Place BackNumber Rider Horse
10Beginner Hunter Horse/Pony W/T22709Montana MayHonor Celebrity
11Beginner Hunter Horse/Pony WTC12709Montana MayHonor Celebrity
16Youth Hunter Pleasure WT12590Emma Ann RansonLM Flashy Star
32709Montana MayHonor Celebrity
17Youth Hunter Pleasure WTC12709Montana MayHonor Celebrity
19Adult Hunter Pleasure WT22604Julie DunsonOutta the Blue
20Adult Hunter Pleasure WTC12604Julie DunsonOutta the Blue
22Hunter Hack12590Emma Ann RansonLM Flashy Star
22604Julie DunsonOutta the Blue
24Youth Hunter Equitation WTC12709Montana MayHonor Celebrity
22536Alexis SmallJust watch me
42590Emma Ann RansonLM Flashy Star
26Intermediate Hunter Rider O/F Course A32536Alexis SmallJust watch me
27Intermediate Hunter Rider O/F Course B22536Alexis SmallJust watch me
28Intermediate Hunter Rider U/S32536Alexis SmallJust watch me
32In Hand Trail12555Cheyenne DavisStripes Little Swan
42562Kevin TottenMajor Fellusive
52617Kason TomsRJJ Swinging Quikote
34Open Trail Obstacle12555Cheyenne DavisStripes Little Swan
52536Alexis SmallJust watch me
62617Kason TomsRJJ Swinging Quikote
37Costume52617Kason TomsRJJ Swinging Quikote
38Pleasure Driving12595Jake JacobsonDonnie Darko
45English Pleasure WT22701Melanie PaxtonTuf N Fancy Huh
42710Jake JacobsonLittle Gold Nugget
62555Cheyenne DavisStripes Little Swan
46English Pleasure WTC22701Melanie PaxtonTuf N Fancy Huh
62555Cheyenne DavisStripes Little Swan
47English Pleasure GAYP32701Melanie PaxtonTuf N Fancy Huh
52710Jake JacobsonLittle Gold Nugget
48English Equitation WT22555Cheyenne DavisStripes Little Swan
49English Equitation WTC12555Cheyenne DavisStripes Little Swan
50English Pleasure GAYP22555Cheyenne DavisStripes Little Swan
55Western Pleasure WJ52701Melanie PaxtonTuf N Fancy Huh
56Western Pleasure GAYP32701Melanie PaxtonTuf N Fancy Huh
52634Amanda TurnerMy Last Investment
57Western Pleasure WJL32634Amanda TurnerMy Last Investment
59Stock Seat Equitation WJ Pattern62634Amanda TurnerMy Last Investment
60Stock Seat Equitation WJL42617Kason TomsRJJ Swinging Quikote
61Ranch Riding WJ32555Cheyenne DavisStripes Little Swan
63Ranch Riding WJL42617Kason TomsRJJ Swinging Quikote
66Ranch Horse Riding WJL Jackpot32617Kason TomsRJJ Swinging Quikote
361Model Hunter12555Cheyenne DavisStripes Little Swan
362Model English12555Cheyenne DavisStripes Little Swan
363Model Western22562Kevin TottenMajor Fellusive
42707Brenda SpencerReba
52555Cheyenne DavisStripes Little Swan
412Youth Showmanship52617Kason TomsRJJ Swinging Quikote
413Adult Showmanship12555Cheyenne DavisStripes Little Swan