Triple M Farms Winter Fun Show, 12/29/2019

Only BRHF sanctioned classes and members shown

Class Number Class Name Place BackNumber Rider Horse
2Adult Trail12555Cheyenne DavisStripes Little Swan
6Youth Stockseat32516Amanda RobertsBreak of Dawn
11Youth Ranch Pattern WJ12516Amanda RobertsBreak of Dawn
12Adult Ranch Pattern WJ12517Kasey ArringtonSS A Legendary Playboy
22689Mackenzie MutterDun Cinched Up
32555Cheyenne DavisStripes Little Swan
13Youth Ranch WJ22516Amanda RobertsBreak of Dawn
14Youth Ranch GAYP12516Amanda RobertsBreak of Dawn
15Adult Ranch WJ12689Mackenzie MutterDun Cinched Up
22555Cheyenne DavisStripes Little Swan
32517Kasey ArringtonSS A Legendary Playboy
16Adult Ranch GAYP12689Mackenzie MutterDun Cinched Up
22517Kasey ArringtonSS A Legendary Playboy
32555Cheyenne DavisStripes Little Swan
17Adult Ranch WJL12517Kasey ArringtonSS A Legendary Playboy
22555Cheyenne DavisStripes Little Swan
42689Mackenzie MutterDun Cinched Up
18Youth English WT22516Amanda RobertsBreak of Dawn
19Youth English GAYP22516Amanda RobertsBreak of Dawn
24Youth Hunter WT22516Amanda RobertsBreak of Dawn
25Youth Hunter Pleasure WTC32516Amanda RobertsBreak of Dawn
34Youth Cloverleaf Barrels12693Elisha WhiteTime Traveler
37Youth Texas Barrels12693Elisha WhiteTime Traveler
41Speed Barrel12693Elisha WhiteTime Traveler