New Life Equestrian Center Open Show #2, 7/25/2021

Only BRHF sanctioned classes and members shown

Class Number Class Name Place BackNumber Rider Horse
1Model Hunter12813Brenda StartPass the Invite
22842Chase SeayThe Notorious B.I.G.
2Model English12813Brenda StartPass the Invite
22842Chase SeayThe Notorious B.I.G.
4Model Western12813Brenda StartPass the Invite
32842Chase SeayThe Notorious B.I.G.
7Adult Showmanship12842Chase SeayThe Notorious B.I.G.
22813Brenda StartPass the Invite
9Adult English Pleasure WT22836Brenda StartThe Notorious B.I.G.
32829Chase SeayPass the Invite
10Adult English Pleasure WTC12829Chase SeayPass the Invite
32836Brenda StartThe Notorious B.I.G.
11Adult English Pleasure GAYP12829Chase SeayPass the Invite
22836Brenda StartThe Notorious B.I.G.
15English Equitation WT12832Abigail AndersonDark Moon
42836Brenda StartThe Notorious B.I.G.
16English Equitation WTC42832Abigail AndersonDark Moon
20Open Western Pleasure WJ22829Chase SeayPass the Invite
21Open Western Pleasure WJL12829Chase SeayPass the Invite
22Open Western Pleasure GAYP22829Chase SeayPass the Invite
23Open English Pleasure WT32836Brenda StartThe Notorious B.I.G.
24Open English Pleasure WTC12836Brenda StartThe Notorious B.I.G.
25Youth English Pleasure GAYP32836Brenda StartThe Notorious B.I.G.
40In Hand Trail12829Chase SeayPass the Invite
32813Brenda StartPass the Invite
42842Chase SeayThe Notorious B.I.G.
52836Brenda StartThe Notorious B.I.G.
42Adult Hunter Pleasure WT12842Chase SeayThe Notorious B.I.G.
32813Brenda StartPass the Invite
43Adult Hunter Pleasure WTC22842Chase SeayThe Notorious B.I.G.
44Adult Hunter Pleasure Hack22842Chase SeayThe Notorious B.I.G.
45Youth English Pleasure WT12847Alexis HindsPine Creeks Emma
46Youth English Pleasure WTC12847Alexis HindsPine Creeks Emma
48Youth Hunter Pleasure (13-17) WT12832Abigail AndersonDark Moon
49Youth Hunter Pleasure (13-17) WTC12832Abigail AndersonDark Moon
50Youth Hunter Pleasure Hack12832Abigail AndersonDark Moon
51Beg Hunter Horse/Pony WT12832Abigail AndersonDark Moon
52Beg Hunter Horse/Pony WTC12832Abigail AndersonDark Moon
53Beg Hunter Horse/Pony Crossrails12832Abigail AndersonDark Moon
54Egg and Spoon12847Alexis HindsPine Creeks Emma
55Ride A Buck12847Alexis HindsPine Creeks Emma